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Collaborations with IIT Departments at the Central Labs in Genoa:

  • Department of Neuroscience and Brain Technologies - Department of Advanced Robotics: European project OCTOPUS (FP7-ICT 2007.8.5, FET Proactive), which regards the development of an 8-arm robotic octopus and in which the CMBR coordinator is also involved (F. Benfenati and D. G. Caldwell, respectively)
  • Nanochemistry: EM morphological and chemical analysis of different types of human cells after
  • Nanophysics: Effect of the internalization of barium titanate nanoparticles on rat mesenchymal stem cells (C. Canale)

Collaborations with IIT Centers:

  • Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies IIT@UniLe: XPS characterization of nanoparticles and substrates for cell stimulation and patterning (I. Liakos, A. Athanassiou)
  • Center for Nanotechnology Innovation IIT@NEST: Characterization of gold shell piezoelectric nanoparticle for biomedical applications; MRI characterization of biological samples (A. Bifone, M. Gemmi, V. Piazza)

International Scientific Collaborations

  • The Robot Research Initiative of the Chonnam National University (South Korea): development of medical microrobots (J. Park)
  • University of Reading (UK): Octopus sensorized skin (R. Bonsen)
  • University of Zurich, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CH): Soft Robotics (R. Pfeifer)
  • The Weizmann Institute of Science (IL): Octopus modeling (T. Flash)
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (IL): Octopus behavior and control (B. Hochner, M. Kuba)
  • Waseda University, Tokyo (JP): development of freestanding functionalized nanofilms for biomedical applications. (S. Takeoka)
  • University of Linköping Dept. of Science and Technology (SE): bio-inspired microactuators, organic electronics for tactile sensing, conductive nanofilm for actuation and sensing (E. Jager, M. Berggren)
  • University of Birmingham (UK): bio-hybrid devices and tissue engineering (L. Grover)
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