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Macromolecular Bioscience - Cover

23 May 2014 - Our work "Recombinant Human Elastin-like Magnetic Microparticles for Drug Delivery and Targetinghas been published in Macromolecular Bioscience and we obtained the cover of the journal issue (see below).


Flexible three-axial force sensor

7 May 2014 - Our work "Flexible three-axial force sensor for soft and highly sensitive artificial touch" has been published in Advanced Materials and we obtained the back cover of the journal issue (see below).

Tiny Hairs Help Octopus Suckers Stick

19 May 2014 - Our work "Hairy suckers: the surface microstructure and its possible functional significance in the Octopus vulgaris sucker" published in Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology has earned a mention in Scientific American – Octopus Chronicles, Tiny Hairs Help Octopus Suckers Stick.

SA Sucker Hairs

"Spin your thesis!" - Transformers

16 April 2014 - The research group led by our researcher team leader Gianni Ciofani has been selected, for the second consecutive year, among the winners of the "Spin your thesis!" contest.
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Super Muscoli

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